Our investment in some of the very latest technology for the search and recruitment sector

Our people are the most important part of what we do – they are our differentiator, their expertise brings our success and we would have no business without them. That goes without saying and will hopefully come as no surprise to anyone who knows our business. One of our key priorities as a business is to ensure that our people have the very best tools to support them to deliver an excellent service.

As the rate of digitalisation accelerates, the opportunities to improve our service to our candidates & clients increase. There are so many options out there and we are always looking at what is available, selecting the products that add most value to our service and network. During the past year, we have already invested in a state-of-the-art CRM system, video advertising campaigns, video interview platforms, and the most powerful LinkedIn licenses. This technology allows our team to work smarter, faster and supports their confidence in every search they approach.

We have just invested in new technology to bring artificial intelligence, powerful search functionality and search-bots to improve our service further. This will allow us to extend our reach just a little bit further – enough to make a material difference for a number of searches.

So many clients have the preconception that the market is flooded with candidates right now – a job-lead market where jobs are easier to fill. Our recent investment demonstrates our strong conviction in our position that this last part is not the case;

  • The majority of our shortlists are still represented by passive job seekers who have the motivation & confidence to change jobs.
  • Many of the best candidates want to be found for the right opportunity, but can disengage easily if an approach is wide of the mark.
  • There was a shortage of many key skills before the coronavirus crisis that will exist for the foreseeable future.
  • We have moved to a more mobile workforce, where candidates will travel and homework for the right opportunity. The future will see larger catchment areas for many opportunities, meaning that the potential candidate pools can be larger

We are very considered and careful in how we choose our people and our resources. We are looking forward to seeing how our latest investment will help to grow our business further.