Shorts Chartered Accountants Better Ideas, Sharper Results

Reflecting on the first few weeks of our business, we are incredibly grateful to a number of individuals and organisations who have offered outstanding support. Creating a new business is an exciting challenge, but one that has numerous challenges and potential pitfalls. None of our partners have ever been through this process before and we certainly needed a great deal of support.

The support we have received from Shorts Chartered Accountants has been first class in every respect. We will always be grateful to them and can not recommend them highly enough. We needed advice on all aspects of our business plan, financial management, payroll, banking, finance and taxation management, not to mention the emotional support! More details can be viewed on the Shorts case studies website

Our Managing Partner, Nik Pratap : “There is no way that we would be in the exciting position that we are right now if it had not been for the full support of Shorts.”