Candidate Guide

In the ideal word, “the best person for the job is the best candidate”. There is an art form in being a good candidate that covers self-analysis, CV writing, interview technique and broader communication that can hinder those who do not excel and provide opportunities for those who excel.

We aim to make a major impact in the careers of all of the candidates who talk to us. It is unfortunately impossible for us to aim to place everyone we meet, but we can guarantee that we can add value, support and ideas that make a positive difference to everyone.

Our candidate guide has been put together from our collective experience of the finance recruitment sector in the North over the past 20 years. It aims to

  • Alleviate any fears of approaching the job market
  • Use your time smartly to find the right jobs
  • Make the right impact with your application
  • Provide lots of tips on how to swing the balance in your favour

Download a copy of the Candidate Guide here