Celebrate a huge career milestone and plan for the future


ICAEW published the results for those students sitting the final stage of the qualification on 30th August 2019.

Many congratulations to all of the successful students across the Yorkshire region from all of us at Pratap Partnership. It is one of the biggest achievements for many in their entire careers and deserves to be well celebrated!

This time represents a logical point to reflect and plan future career journeys and set new goals. There is no single route that suits every individual and the different options may be;


  • Stay with your current firm to get more experience, move specialism or go for promotional targets
  • Make a move to a different firm to get different client exposure and development opportunities
  • Make a move to industry – a popular choice but a complicated decision that involves numerous questions – SME or corporate? Which sector? Which ownership structure? What role to do (Financial Accountant, Management Accountant, FP&A, Internal Audit, Tax…etc…)?
  • Take some time out. Take the opportunity to go travelling and make some decisions when you have recovered from the stresses of study, revision, exams and results

For the 100 or so newly-qualified accountants across the Yorkshire region, there will be 100 different ambitions and plans. Every single one is different and tailored to the individual.

Our partners have all worked with NQs across the Yorkshire region for many years and can provide all of the advice and support for every individual to make the right decision.

Our candidate guide provides an outline of a modern NQ CV, how to use LinkedIn and how to approach the recruitment world – Pratap Partnership Candidate Guide

Our salary guide provides a summary of everything you need to know for salary and benefits levels for NQs and all other levels – Pratap Partnership Salary Guide


We would love to hear from you to provide some help and to hear your journey to becoming an ACA NQ! In the first instance, contact Elise Walsh on 07936 364473 or