Results from British Chamber of Commerce and Indeed survey published today

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce and Indeed published today shows that over half of UK businesses say it is taking longer to recruit than 5 years ago. 21% of the 1,100 businesses surveyed say it takes almost 6 months to recruit for some skilled roles


Evolution of technology in the recruitment industry means that it should be easier to recruit talent promptly;

  • Online jobs boards and CV databases facilitate quick applications
  • LinkedIn reduces the time period for a number of search exercises
  • The range of video interviewing resources available (like Skype, facetime and Zoo) mean that it is easier to arrange first interviews
  • Online behavioural and skills testing can be as rigorous as assessment days without the time delays.


…so why is it taking so long for UK businesses to recruit talent;


  • BCC point to a lack of longevity in training programs and general awareness from employers. Apprenticeship courses that are not fit for business needs and ignorance about T levels & other training options
  • Indeed analysed the results and highlighted the current high levels of employment (According to the most recent ONS data the unemployment figure is 3.8% – the lowest since December 1974)
  • The Recruitment & Employment Confederation produces a monthly report with KPMG that shows there are 837,000 live vacancies across the UK. A figure that is up 11,000 from this time last year.


… but what are we seeing in the finance sector in Yorkshire;


  • The largest imbalance in supply and demand of part & newly qualified accountants and middle management finance staff in 20 years.
  • Wage inflation that is taking some newly-qualified opportunities paying £45,000 pa
  • Specialist roles such as tax, treasury and internal audit staying vacant for weeks and some relocating to the South East.


… so what is our advice to our clients;


Good employers are still attracting top talent. Compromises on expectations may need to be made, but quality is one thing that should never be compromised;


  • Work with a consultancy who specialises in the discipline that you are recruiting for. They should have an existing network of passive job seekers
  • Spend more time to prepare & communicate your proposition. Work with your consultant to identify your differentiators and how to use them to hook the best candidates
  • People attract people – It is important to communicate the strength of your current team as advocates of your business and as themselves. ** Visit the campaigns section of our website to see how we do this through video microsite campaigns with our clients **

There are plenty of challenges in recruiting for finance talent in our region at present. Every stage of the Pratap Partnership recruitment service is undertaken by one of our partners – this gives our clients all of the network, skill and energy to find the very best result.

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