Insights from our Chairman, Bill Henry


Recruitment has evolved over recent years from a relatively straightforward function to one which is multifaceted to meet the demands of business in the 21st century.  Appointing talent within business is not without risks and these risks are amplified when considering senior positions.  Getting it wrong can be costly.


A well-developed search process is often not enough.  The past decade or so has seen a rise in the effective use of coaching in many aspects of business, and the business of recruitment is no exception.  While some recruitment firms seek to promote their tools and technologies to support the search process, such as personality tests or behavioural questionnaires, others have remained focused on the fact they are in the people business and there is only so much that can, or should, be automated. They will argue there is no substitute for working with a recruitment consultant who you trust and who will use their questioning and listening skills to get a clear understanding of a role.  It goes without saying that this is very helpful when relaying this understanding to potential candidates.


A good recruitment consultant who has developed their coaching skills can and will ask the right questions of an employer, as opposed to merely taking the brief and rushing off to find some candidates. Well positioned questions with a client, not only help the consultant gain a full understanding of the person specification, but often enable the employer to consider a wider range of options, not just one.


Equally this applies to candidates who are looking to progress their careers with many welcoming a ‘coaching’ conversation with a recruitment consultant to explore options rather than one who is just keen to get a copy of your CV.


Coaching has and is developing as a natural extension to recruiting.  Finding a candidate can be easy, finding the right fit less so.  This is why all consultants at Pratap Partnership are trained in coaching to help ensure they find the person that not only meets the brief but will fit culturally and be a long-term success for both parties.


This may take slightly more time, but Pratap Partnership are increasingly finding this is an investment in their client’s value, to help ensure the right decision and the successful appointment.



Bill Henry

Pratap Partnership Chairman and qualified coach!