How to make your CV stand out from the crowd

“The best candidate does not always have the best CV”


This is a statement that is often true. Many clients and candidates will often conclude that this is because a CV cannot communicate a personality, interpersonal strengths, ambitions, engagement and style. This is a fair point, but does not apply to every situation – on many occasions the statement is true because that the best candidate was not at writing a CV as they could be.

We cannot address the first theory in a brief article, but we can all do something about the second point.  The following two statistics show why it is such an important skill to get right;

  • The largest number of CVs we have received for a single campaign in the past year has been 212
  • We have just processed our 5,000th CV through our website (That does not include those received by other websites) Not bad to say that we are only just over one year old!


 It is increasingly easy to apply to a job and the challenge for every new job seeker is to make sure their CV and their application is more eye-catching than the rest.

Our candidate guide has been put together from our collective experience of the finance recruitment sector in the North over the past 20 years. It includes a draft of a best-practice CV , which has been used very successfully by so many of our candidates over the past year.

“It had been years since I had last written a CV. I assumed that the style would always be the same and nobody else had told me otherwise. I used the format suggested by Pratap Partnership which helped my CV get more noticed and made me feel more confident during the interview process – it had already sold a lot of my relevant experience”


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