Jamie Waugh, Talent Manager at Endless LLP, shares his views on the executive recruitment market and working with Pratap Partnership

Placing CFOs, Finance Directors and Financial Controllers into private equity owned businesses is one of our biggest strengths.  The service we can provide fits perfectly with the demands and key attributes of working in the private equity world. General characteristics of most PE finance recruitment campaigns include high expectations of the calibre of candidates , a need to move swiftly and the highest level of assurance that the chosen candidate is the right hire . Our partners are well placed to have the knowledge, expertise and networks to service these demands.

We have a long term relationship with Endless in Leeds and have worked on a number of the key hires in their portfolio since we set up. Jamie Waugh is their Talent Manager, with over 14 years’ experience in the recruitment sector. He shares his views on the current recruitment market and his observations on working with us

– Do you agree that we are experiencing a recruitment market in which supply is exceeding demand?

To some degree yes, although it is still all about finding the right candidate. For me one of the key components in any piece of recruitment we do is to get the cultural fit right. The person has to have the right ethos and mindset coupled with the technical skillset. So whilst they may be options out there, you still need to find the right one.

– How did you choose Pratap Partnership as your preferred finance partner? What was important to you and Endless?

There are many good recruitment agencies and head-hunters out there and over the past few months I have assessed many of them which has enabled me to choose a hand-full of trusted partners. Pratap Partnership being one of them. When choosing who to work with I looked at track record, ability to deliver to the brief, a firm with a clear understanding of Endless and Enacts culture and what it takes to work for one of our portfolio companies. Pratap Partnership also gave me confidence that they truly believed in the relationship as much as I did.

– How important are sector specialists such as Pratap Partnership? Are these more important in the current climate, and if so why?

Vitally important. Knowledge of your own market is key. Having myself spent 10 years recruiting within Accountancy & Finance I know how you can build relationships that help over the years. You work with candidates from qualifying through to later Director careers. This sector and market knowledge can prove vital when trying to work the “harder to fill” roles. Market knowledge and candidate relationships I believe are one of Pratap Partnerships strengths.

– What expertise and track record should companies look for when choosing a recruitment partner ?

Track records and clients testimonies are great and support what an agency may have done in the past. But as they say in recruitment you are only as good as your last placement. If any agency tells you they can fill or have filled every role it’s not the truth. What Endless look for in a recruitment partner is honesty and truth. If it’s not something you can fill then tell us, we would appreciate that more. We also understand that you can’t fill every brief but as long as we work openly together that is the key thing. When choosing an agency I look for an understanding of our business as well as an understanding of our portfolio. Within the Endless and Enact portfolios it isn’t a case of one size fits all.

– How important are personal recommendations and assurances about recruiters’ reach and reputation in the marketplace ?

Having previously worked with Pratap Partnership I understood and was aware of their capabilities. I did however talk to some of our staff internally that had used them before I joined Endless. The message was clear, they had previously delivered and had a good reputation.

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Jamie Waugh, Talent Manager at Endless LLP.