There are never any shortage of opportunities for ACA newly-qualified accountants across Yorkshire. There are a very high number of opportunities at present and as so many of the firms are announcing their staff promotions during this month, there are a large number of candidates faced with the important challenge of “What next for my career?”


Our partners specialise in placing and advising newly-qualified accountants. Using our Salary Guide to provide the most accurate advice on where remuneration expectations should be and how to plan for the future;


You can view some of the live opportunities that we are currently working on. Some of these include;


  • Managerial level opportunities within the Big 4 and national firms in audit, tax, corporate finance and TS
  • Managerial level firms within local firms
  • Financial Accountant, FP & A, Group, Internal Audit, Commercial and Management Accounting opportunities within corporates
  • SME roles from Financial Accountant to Financial Controller


We love to work with all of our candidates to help them make the right decisions. Newly-qualified accountants are always VIPs to us – we want to share in the exciting stage you are at in your career and help you make the right decisions. Contact our partners to discuss how we can help;


Opportunities within practice – Elise Walsh, 07936 364473 or elise@pratappartnership.co.uk

Industry opportunities in South Yorkshire & East Midlands – Nicola Worrow on 07936 364476 or nicola@pratappartnership.co.uk

Industry opportunities in West & North Yorkshire – Gillian McBride on 07936 364480 or gillian@pratappartnership.co.uk