Pratap Partnership Launched

We have all worked together brilliantly as a team for many years. Establishing our own company together is our proudest achievement and the most exciting point in all of our individual careers to date.

It is very rare that a team of consultants have worked together in three separate businesses – it is testament to the loyalty and respect that Nik Pratap, Nicola Worrow, Gillian McBride and Elise Walsh have for each other that Pratap Partnership has been created.

Our business will specialise in all aspects of accountancy & finance recruitment across the private and practice sectors. We will also partner with a number of clients to manage all aspects of their professional recruitment.

Our team has flourished in our market over almost twenty years together. Creating our own identity and investing in all of the latest technology that the recruitment market has to offer, mean that we cannot wait to get started and create our new partnerships with employers and candidates.

Nik Pratap is Managing Partner of Pratap Partnership, “I am unbelievably proud to be working with Nicola, Gillian and Elise and have no doubt that we will carry on enjoying working together successfully. We have shared and developed the same values, standards and love of our sector over many years and it is this that will create the strongest partnerships with our market.

We will always be indebted to Andy Irvine and all at Shorts Chartered Accountants for the support that they have given us. I would also like to thank Kelly Cairns and Andy Kerley at Handelsbanken, Paul Trudgill, Russell Bainbridge at Keebles, and Tony Merryweather at Opus UK.  Our very special thanks to Gerry Arcari and the team at Vivid Creative for creating such a great website.

We have an exciting calendar over the next few months. We will be filling our diaries with lots of appointments and will be making some further announcements later this month….”

Download the Pratap Profile Brochure here.