Signing off on our "Lockdown to Latchdown series"

We have posted a number of articles over the last three weeks – looking at how recruitment has fared over lockdown, what lessons can be learned and shared some valuable insights from our clients & candidates. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed and shared their stories.

There is no doubt that there are some big challenges in the employment market that have established themselves and will continue to grow;

  • Rising unemployment on the back of redundancies and administrations
  • Growing mental health issues around lockdown and returning to work
  • Employers having to dig deep to ensure motivation, communication and engagement are maintained

Like many others, I was concerned back in March that the biggest issue would be the number of people whose health would be directly affected by COVID-19 (or those in their immediate family). Thankfully, the scale of my concerns has not materialised – the majority of businesses I speak to have had very few people affected in that way to date (and with the outlook looking a lot more positive at this point)

Our articles showed how the finance and HR business communities have overcome a lot of the obstacles placed in front of them during COVID-19. There have been many stories of success and lessons for a future “best practice in recruitment”. This best practice includes;

  • Every business can successfully recruit using video technology
  • New starters can make an immediate impact without having drawn-out induction processes
  • “Relationships” are always important, but the past few weeks have raised the profile more. Relationships between clients and recruiters, candidates and recruiters and effective relationships built between clients and candidates will always be the key to success.


Confidence in the recruitment sector is slowly returning and that is very much the case in Pratap Partnership. We have had our fair share of dark days over the past few weeks, but memories of the good days are already far outweighing the bad.

Covid-19 and its impacts are far from over, but I am very proud with how our team have managed themselves and performed (special comment to Karen Caswell who joined us during lockdown and we still haven’t met up together yet!). We have already learned a lot (about ourselves, our market and some new technology) and have made some key adjustments to our immediate business plan – all of which help us get even more excited about the future.

I hope that our growing confidence and fortitude is reflected in most of our clients and candidates. I also hope that we will be able to meet up again very soon!