Successful appointment of Head of Finance at Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

We have been delighted to support Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in their recruitment of a new Head of Finance over the past few weeks. Karlin Rodgers has started this week and we are confident that it will develop into being a very successful move for her and a great appointment for Bluebell Wood.

Pratap Partnership has not undertaken much work in the not-for-profit sector to date and we have not worked previously with Bluebell Wood. Our partners have some strong relationships with the trustees and it was impossible not to engage with the invaluable work that the organisation undertakes.  We were inspired by the fantastic work they do supporting children with life-shortening and life-threatening conditions in this area. After meeting Simon Hills (CEO) and Nicola Marriott (Director of People & Operations), we were very keen to take on the huge responsibility of finding the best candidate to lead the finance department.

It was not difficult to locate candidates who were engaged with the prospect of working at Bluebell Wood in our network. Karlin is an individual we could not hold in any higher regard. She was an obvious contender for the opportunity because of her strong talent in finance and her personality – built around supporting the people around her and doing the right thing. Her most recent role gave her all the technical skills she will need and the range of volunteering and charity work she has done to date provide the perfect blend.

Comment from Nic Marriott (Director of People & Operations)

“This was a really important position for the hospice to get right. We knew that our list of requirements was really long! The recruitment process allowed us to consider a number of candidates and look at the details that were relevant to us and this job.  Nik and Elise made the process really easy and had some innovative ideas which gave us additional insight into candidates prior to interview.  There were some strong candidates, but Karlin made such a huge impact as soon as she met our panel and the finance team, we just knew she was the right fit for us. We were delighted to meet her and overjoyed when she accepted our offer to join the Bluebell Wood family”

Comment from Karlin Rodgers (Head of Finance

“I feel privileged to be able to take up this position at Bluebell Wood and to support the amazing work the hospice does. The role combines my passion for finance with my desire to give back to the community and I’m excited to help the hospice achieve its long-term goals. I had every confidence that Pratap Partnership would place me in a role that suited both my abilities and personality and I’m pleased to say Bluebell Wood does just that.”

Comment from Nik Pratap

“Recruiting a Head of Finance is a big responsibility for us in any circumstances, but it is a weightier responsibility for an organisation like Bluebell Wood Hospice for so many reasons. Elise Walsh worked with me on this recruitment to provide the support of two partners. We really enjoyed the whole process and hope that we can support the organisation in a number of different ways in the future”